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Feature Request: Import/export music from or to other platforms

Feature Request: Import/export music from or to other platforms

Status: Open Ideas

I have a lot of playlists saved as text or CSV documents and no way to upload them to Pandora

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@variables I moved your message over to this existing Feature Request: Import / Export music from or to other platforms

While this isn't currently an option, make sure to upvote this thread with a ❤️if you'd like to see this feature added to the service.

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Hey! Long-time Pandora subscriber here. There are items in my CD collection that I'd like to listen to on the road. Some are very rare, like Human Radio's self-titled album. I'd like to not carry the CD around with me to hear it. Can you help me out? Thanks!

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Purchase an iPod nano (or latest model) then utilize a website that allows
you to rip/copy songs by downloading desired mp3 s from YouTube for example
the same way you rip songs or albums on windows media player or iTunes.

The only difference is instead of Drag & dropping the collection of songs
you want to listen to on a blank CDR, you will have your iPod or other
portable mp3 player plugged in to your computer.

I will provide the website I usually use & have no issues with, most of the
time, below. If you missed a step or need clarification please send another

This is a mp3 converter.

Step 1
You can cut the link associated with a YouTube video when you hit "share"
located below the YouTube window.

Step 2
while still opened in background, switch to mp3 converter site, "paste" the
link in the empty bar of ytmp3 web page, but FIRST make sure to click mp3
because it will revert back to mp4 and I don't think you want to convert an
mp3 to video format.

Step 3
Hit "convert", after it converts from mp4 (video format) to mp3, you need
to download it to your computer, so hit once again, "download".

After the songs you converted have completed downloading, they will be
located in your "My Files".
>From there, you will highlight the desired mp3 s that you want to transfer
(drag & drop) into your mobile listening device, which should be plugged in
your computer by now, in a similar fashion that you would burn songs into a
blank CDR like back-in-the-day.

Hope this helped, look forward to your response.

- Deuce

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How did you transfer your playlist?

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How do you transfer playlists?


I'd suggest allowing us to upload files on our devices to listen via Pandora. There are some bands that I listen to that are not on Pandora but would fit perfectly in some of my playlists. Giving us the ability to adjust album art, release dates etc. would be helpful for such files as well

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What playlist?
Pandora plays randomly.
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I really want to stay with Pandora since I've been using it for almost 15 years. Services like Deezer already allow uploading iTunes playlists (with similar pricing) so I can't imagine Pandora not offering that ability to keep our grow their listener base. Recreating a hundred playlists (each with 50 songs) manually is extremely tedious. What is the reason for not adding this feature?