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Feature Request: Remove tracks from recently played & search history

Feature Request: Remove tracks from recently played & search history

Status: Open Ideas

It would love to be able to delete my search history, don’t like having a long list of old searches

Moderator Edit: Changing title for clarity

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Need ability to delete albums/stations from recent history for all the above reasons.

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i would like to be able to delete "played song history" either since beginning use of Pandora AND by MONTH and YEAR.

this would "reset" my preferences so i could start the Pandora song selection algorythm over from scratch.


I honestly don't know why it's so damned difficulty to add the feature to turn off "recently played" in the settings with an on/off switch.  Just put it in there!

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I am Replying so I can tic the box to be notified if this extremely important issue to me is ever resolved... meanwhile I’ll be listening to my music elsewhere. I have a recently played list that has been built by a Pandora feature trying to get me to listen to something new. I don’t want something new, and I definitely don’t want some automated feature that I can’t turn off screwing up my morning coffee... ruins my whole day. I’m paying for this thing so that I can have more control, but Pandora, of all the other options available, has a huge lack of user controls. No Thumbs controls in many listening instances except on station’s evidentially... randomly playing genres, songs, and artists that I don’t like. Ah gee, I was about to go into a much larger complaint list; Pandora should seriously consider hiring more qualified programmers. There are way too many simple things that they claim can’t be fixed. 

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how do delete my search history?

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@Davejk032  on your key pad hit ctrl and H, you will see your history page, once that opens you will see 3 little dots at top right, you will then see Clear browsing data, it will then open up a new window, you will then see options of what you want to clear, you can select all time, or just certain day's. I hope this helps. Take care and stay safe. 


@Davejk032 I moved your post over to this existing thread as there isn't currently a way to do this: Clear Recently Played / Search History

Make sure to upvote this feature request with a ❤️as well to express your interest in getting it added to the service.

Thanks for being a part of the Community!

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How can I remove my recently played history?

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Please implement a very simple feature to "Clear Search History", it is essential to a smooth user experience. Thank you very much.

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I just canceled my subscription. It makes no sense to not have this functionality.