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How do I scrobble my Pandora listens to with the Windows desktop app? Wanting to switch from Spotify but this is a requirement.

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Terribly sad that they still haven't added this, almost a year later. Still stuck with Spotify but always prefer to support the little guy and maintain competition, but this makes Pandora not competitive in my book.

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+1, this very much a required feature in my book.  I don't even need this app to be better than Spotify, I'm down to use both, but tracking all my music listening in one place is very important to me and is the only way to do that.

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So... Is there an answer? Does track Pandora now too? I'm not seeing an explanation.

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Another vote for scrobbling for mobile apps at least!

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This is a critical feature. If Spotify, Deezer and Tidal can do it so can Pandora.

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Hi, new forum member here. That's right, you can scrobble Pandora to with the Web Scrobbler browser plugin which is available for almost all browsers now except Safari. So that works fine on a Windows desktop in a browser (currently scrobbling Pandora with Opera and Web Scrobbler plugin), but not in the Pandora desktop app, it seems.

Also any external Android scrobbling app should be able to do the same, e.g. Pano Scrobbler, Scroball, Simple Scrobbler and last but not least the new official Android app. Web Scrobbler and Pano Scrobbler can even edit the current scrobble and save that edit for later playback.

There is no similar way to scrobble on iOS though, as the iOS scrobbling apps are only able to scrobble Apple Music and local music files most of the time. Spotify scrobbling on iOS works due to the feature in the connected apps settings, also Deezer and a few other streaming sites with internal scrobbling in their iOS apps like Tidal or Qobuz. I wonder if Pandora already has the technology to implement scrobbling internally, as they bought Rdio back in 2015 which could already do this, as far as I remember. Furthermore the implementation is not very complicated and available for free for everyone via's API.

By the way, there is a similar thread that should be merged, I guess.

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Casting my vote as well

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Another vote from me for scrobbling abilities with the Windows Pandora app and iOS!

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The lack of native scrobbling isn't a good look.  Third-party plugins or wrapper apps are workarounds, not solutions.  Another vote for native scrobbling.

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I would sign up for Premium and migrate my Spotify library on over in a heartbeat if scrobbling was supported.