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More sorting options for Premium

More sorting options for Premium

Status: Open Ideas

It would be great if there were different ways to sort the collection in the mobile app. Especially alphabetically.

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Local Performer

I agree with those who ask for the ability to sort alphabetically, by date added, by song, etc. Also, I agree that a notification of a duplicate track being added would be very helpful. C'mon Pandora, Spotify offers these options, so you should do it too. Make me gladder I switched over here.

Local Performer

I can't believe there isn't a way to play a playlist starting from the most recently added!

Local Performer

This post has been open for almost 3 years. Spotify has had this feature that whole time. I left Spotify because the radio with them is not that good but the fact that I can't sort my playlists is enough to make me switch back. 3....Years.....

On the Rise

I agree with chocobogrove818 ,  the members have been asking for sorting features for years and nothing has been done.   I've resigned myself to the fact that nothing will be done until another competitor comes on the scene who will offer  more features.