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Offline button in easier area

Offline button in easier area

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Hello, I was wondering why the offline button was moved to an awkward area in the Android app where you have to go through extra hoops to get to it? When I had Plus it was easy to switch online and offline but now it has become a bit more cumbersome to get it (granted in premium it auto switches for you which is nice).

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

@Alchron Thanks for your suggestion - let's see what the rest community has to say about this one! 


At my work, they have put pandora on a blacklist, so I have to use Pandora Offline Mode to listen to Pandora.  While I know how to get into offline mode, it is buried under a series of clicks.  When in Offline Mode, though, it is quite easy to go back into 'Regular Mode' by click the button the 'refresh' button next to the 'Offline' Mode bar (on Android 10 phones anyways).  

Why is this level of ease to go into regular mode not reciprocated to go into Offline mode?  It doesn't make sense to me... I wish my work allowed Pandora through their servers since they allow YouTube, but alas, they don't, and I don't want to kill my data.  

Give it a thought anyways!  Thanks for an amazing product!