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Programming Your Own Radio Station

Programming Your Own Radio Station

Status: Open Ideas

While I enjoy using Pandora. I would love to see a feature where I'm able to program my radio station. Being I would love to have my radio station play exclusive music before any other stations. I would like to also, be able to see my top rated songs. I'm such a music enthusiast that I can listen to music all day. My favorite thing about Pandora is creating radio stations and sharing my favorite music with others. 

Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @Vikkicpoet Thanks for posting to community! I moved your post from chat to our Feature Request board to help keep things tidy.

Thanks for this awesome idea! We really like hearing from our listeners on topics like this, so keep the coming!

Our Feature Request board is the best place to give us ideas and feedback on things you'd like to see for Pandora. Feel free to check out the board and don't forget to vote on the ideas you like! ❤️

Hope to see you around community more!

Local Performer

I second that request.

Opening Act

This is exactly what I asked for but with a bit more direction from a developer perspective: