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Psychedelic Therapy playlists/stations

Psychedelic Therapy playlists/stations

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Can Pandora add psychedelic therapy playlists to their library? Oxford University/ Mendel Kaelen, Johns Hopkins, MAPS... have playlists to assist in therapy sessions for depression, and PTSD, among other issues. They are all located on Spotify and that is the only reason I have my premium subscription with Spotify instead of far-superior Pandora. If Pandora could include access to this music I and others would drop Spotify in a blink. There is great, and increasing, demand for this music in therapy, and our only option is to settle elsewhere. Please consider adding these serious and beneficial playlists to your library. Thanks!

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Hi @Johnnieschmidt!

Thanks for posting this great feedback. I didn't know this was available but would be a great addition for Pandora. 

Thanks for being part of community! 👍🏻

Opening Act

I like the idea too.  One could, for example, create a “mindfulness” channel.  There are already several podcast creators producing mindfulness exercises, some podcasts longer than others.  I have searched for mindfulness, and Pandora has many, but creating a channel for this would be desirable.

Status changed to: Archive

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