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Thumbs up playlist added to thumbprint radio

Thumbs up playlist added to thumbprint radio

Status: Open Ideas

I'd like to see a new feature for Thumbprint Radio that includes songs from your My Thumbs Up Playlist.

For example, if hear a new song on youtube, I can look it up on Pandora, add the song to My Thumbs Up Playlist, then that song will play on Thumbs up radio.

Trying to add a specific song to thumbs up radio is very cumbersome at the moment. 

I prefer thumbs up radio because I can hear new music based on my thumbs. The playlist doesn't have that feature.


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Status changed to: Open Ideas

@Quizibo It's true - currently, if you thumb up any track on one of your stations, that track will automatically get added to both your My Thumbs Up playlist, as well as Thumbprint Radio.

However, if you manually add a track to your My Thumbs Up playlist, that track won't automatically get added to Thumbprint Radio.

Thanks for your suggestion! :pandora: