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Ideas: Ability to remove tracks from recently played & search history

Ideas: Ability to remove tracks from recently played & search history

Status: Open Ideas

It would love to be able to delete my search history, don’t like having a long list of old searches

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Local Performer

Can we please prioritize this one? It's incredibly poor UX...

I use voice search a lot (Google home), and oftentimes, it gets the song wrong. So I have a bunch of songs I don't even like/want in my Recently Played and I have no way of getting rid of them. Or, I'll have -- what's in effect -- duplicates and triplicates because "Classic Christmas" is the same as "Christmas Radio" is the same as when I say, "Play 'Silver Bells'" from Google Home... but then it makes it impossible to find my other stations.

Also, the swiping is incredibly challenging when I'm in the car and just want to get to a list. The homepage is useless, my original lists are buried, so I go to My Collection now, and it's impossible to both drive and swipe to just get to a song!

Local Performer

yes pandora team, please crate an option to delete songs or singers that we search and don't want no more on our list  🙏🏻💁🏼‍♀️🌾

Local Performer

It would be nice to delete certain songs from the search tab, just like swipe it and delete it.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @WilliamCheek. 👋

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback.

I moved your post over to this existing feature request: Clear Recently Played / Search History

If you'd like to see this option implemented, click on the 💙icon next to the title of the request to express your interest. 

Hope to see you around the community space more often. 🎧


Local Performer

Guys, why is this taking the pandora team this long? It is a huge mess with all these old searches. This should be a very quick fix to allow user to delete line items from within the search history. 

The lack of attention to any end user requests or forward progress of your platform based on large community feedback and requests is concerning. Pandora keeps falling behind other competitors and it is clear by how they lack the ability to support simple community requests. 

Am about to cancel my family subscription and shift over to Spotify.

Posted 4/4/2022.

Local Performer

Please add a feature to clear recently played content. 

Local Performer

Please make a "delete searches and recently played" option.

Opening Act

I hope this feature gets approved! I do sometimes like to start fresh and remove content from my recently played/search list.

Local Performer


I would like the option to be  able to delete podcasts and songs from the "recently played" list.  There are many songs and podcast that it's very cluttered and messy.

Local Performer

Yes! Please add the feature to be able to edit recently played.