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Ideas: Ability to shuffle multiple playlists

Ideas: Ability to shuffle multiple playlists

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I would love a Playlists shuffle between all of our playlists, not just the individual playlist.

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I am doing a trial of Premium.  I know I can shuffle a given single playlist.  I also know that I can shuffle stations.  But is there a way to shuffle multiple playlists?  This is highly desirable.  This feature should be added in order to make Pandora into a boss player.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@spiv I moved your post over to this existing thread: Ability to shuffle multiple playlists

Make sure to upvote this feature request a ❤️ if you'd like to see it added to our service as well.

Thanks for sharing your feedback!

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I listen to my premium pandora all day long when I drive and then in my restaurant kitchen and then at home on 10 different tvs and stereo systems. I hate hearing same music over and over and that's why we get premium (I also hate commercials for my competition playing on my restaurant stereo) but I can only get 100 songs to play at a time and I have several with over 500 songs on them. I understand that tv is set up to only play 100 but why not have random play be able to play randomly from all or say a set number of them you pick to play from like 5 or 10 if you can't give us that atleast let our playlists be able to play on random and after 1st list has played go to the next playlist rather than going to autoplay and picking songs we probably don't want to hear. Buy really truly want to play whole list like in car. I love your service and will look at other platforms for the features we the consumers are wanting I just hope you fix this before someone on anther service does. I'm rooting for ya. Better hurry

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wonderful idea.  need to pick specific playlists like we do for shuffle.  seems like the same feature.  ability to create and name multiple shuffles.

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Yes. Thank you. It would be so nice.

Hopefully 🤞 it will work for everyone.

Larry Little