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Ideas: Ability to shuffle offline playlist & stations

Ideas: Ability to shuffle offline playlist & stations

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I would like the ability to shuffle my offline playlists/stations. Aren't they already on my phone?

Also, sometimes Pandora will tell me that one of my offline stations/playlists is not available.  I don't know why it does this because it's offline and supposedly exists on my phone.  If Pandora is having a problem with an offline playlist, then I want it to automatically switch to another.  I don't want to be driving and have to manually switch to another offline playlist/station (it's too dangerous).

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The internet has been spotty recently in my work area and was really wanting offline shuffle to be a thing. Please add this feature. 

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Why has Pandora not fixed this yet.  Is it that hard to do?

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Is this a feature of Spotify?  I didn't want to cave in, but Pandora apparently doesn't care about its listeners.

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I totally agree. I listen to shuffle a lot with a lot of different stations. I think it would be awesome to shuffle offline. Sometimes I drive to areas without phone service, so that would help a lot.


The downloaded songs are NOT saved as audio files in your phone's memory storage. They are simply a part of the Pandora collaboration you have access to when you upgrade. Try downloading entire albums. That way you can listen to several songs before having to switch. I hope this clears some things up?

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If that's so how does it work when it's offline?


Thank you
Maybe they'll set it up so they can be in shuffle mode someday.
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Just started premium, very disappointed you can't shuffle the offline content like you can the online content. 

This would be an easy feature to add and would please most users.

Yes the shuffle off line has been expected to occur for a long time. A Lot
of us are awaiting this function.
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This would be extremely helpful while at camp where there is no service. Thanks