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Ideas: Back button for Stations

Ideas: Back button for Stations

Status: Open Ideas

I pay for premium because I like the ability to skip as much as I want. Unfortunately, sometimes I go through songs really fast and miss a song I would have listened to. How can we get Pandora to adopt a back button... we already have replay song, why not be able to go back?

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @katieltisch!

Thanks for your post!

Please keep in mind that due to licensing restrictions a back button is unavailable when listening to songs on Stations.

We appreciate the feedback and we're always looking for ways to improve. In the meantime, since you're a Premium subscriber, I recommend expanding your experience further with personalized playlists.

Thanks for being a part of our Community!


What about a more easily accessible “recently played” function for stations, so we can find more music by artists we hear on stations? I often have this same issue when I’m working, and unable to physically access my phone in time to see what song played 2 or 3 songs ago.