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Ideas: Bulk Add-Delete-Edit-Search Content (Stations, Playlists, Thumbs)

Ideas: Bulk Add-Delete-Edit-Search Content (Stations, Playlists, Thumbs)

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My Pandora is connected to my Amazon Echo devices. Because of that my young son often adds stations based on one or two songs. He's not interested in actually having the list, he just wants to year the song. As a result I frequently find myself "culling the heard" so to speak and deleting stations I don't actually want or need. I would love to see an option to select multiple stations at once to delete them.

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agree 100% why is it so difficult to delete more than 1 piece of junk i dont want to listen to or see when I want to change my station.

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Please please come up with a way to delete multiple stations at once.

I, too, have hundreds of stations from my son requesting a song.... now 300 songs later I can not listen to Pandora without having to sift through tons of trash.

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What I do to delete alot on my stations. I choose to play all the stations that I dont want anymore for they could go to the top. Then I deleted them one by one it's faster then to keep scrolling down every time u delete a station it help me out I deleted around 160 in 10 min.

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I keep thumbs downing one artist.

But his music keeps coming up.


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I agree i just started using and its super inconvenient that it will add the song more than once to the playlist. It would also be nice if I could put the list in alphabetical order

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At least in browser it would be awesome to have the option to "Select Multiple" with little boxes we could check... I'm currently trying to "clean up" the massive list of "collected items" I've collected over the years.... dude its taking FOREVER... multi select would be nice lol

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Hi @Steve60914 Thanks for posting to Feature Request!

I moved your idea over to an existing post that's very similar: Bulk Edit/Delete Content

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Thanks for posting!

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Yes please. Same thing that Travix said. Kids in a house with a smart speaker and Pandora = 100s of stations on my account. Please let me bulk delete stations.

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This would be a great feature. I've had similar issue where connectivity to Alexa has created a list of "curated" items I have no interest in keeping in my collection.

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This feature would be amazing! We have a bunch of alexa devices and every time my kids tell her to play a song it creates a new station. Pretty sure I'm into the triple digits now!