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Ideas: Bulk Add-Delete-Edit-Search Content (Stations, Playlists, Thumbs)

Ideas: Bulk Add-Delete-Edit-Search Content (Stations, Playlists, Thumbs)

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My Pandora is connected to my Amazon Echo devices. Because of that my young son often adds stations based on one or two songs. He's not interested in actually having the list, he just wants to year the song. As a result I frequently find myself "culling the heard" so to speak and deleting stations I don't actually want or need. I would love to see an option to select multiple stations at once to delete them.

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This is SO ANNOYING!  Please add BULK delete.  


this only makes sense

deleting one station at a time is slow, and cumbersome
shoot if this was only on the web platform I would be fine with that too

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I think it’s crazy and ridiculous that Pandora does NOT allow the users to delete songs when this feature was available before I upgraded my subscription and paid more per month for the enhanced features (I assume). Removing the deleted feature is not an enhancement, it’s a downgrade. Please add it back for the convenience and options for your users, especially to those monthly subscription users. Thank you.

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Yes, definitely need a way to bulk-delete Thumbs choices, like a complete reset of a Station. Think I just gave myself an RSI removing several hundred thumbs...

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After over 10 years of Pandora, I have decided to cancel my subscription. While I love the service, too many issues have become egregious and/or ignored for an extended period of time. Basic management features have been ignored despite community complaints going back several years. Music continues to become unavailable, only available in radio mode, or censored - all seemingly at random.

* Inability to manage playlists is unacceptable. It's not possible on the app, web interface, or desktop application. However, the ability to add a playlist to another playlist is available, so you can easily add a massive list of songs to another massive list... and if you do so accidentally, there is no way to reverse it other than remove EACH INDIVIDUAL SONG. How does this make sense? It's like the UI devs had a few good ideas and then phoned in developing the rest of the feature set. There is a thread complaining about this from 2019 and no feature to manage playlists has been added to date. Also unable to reorders songs easily without dragging through the entire list which is very burdensome on large playlists.

* Inconsistent behavior - Adding a song to 'thumbs up' adds it to the bottom of the playlist, while thumbing up a song gets it added to the beginning of the 'thumbs up' playlist. This means the songs I've recently 'liked' are in completely opposite sides of my playlist if my method of 'liking' them differed, and if I want to move one from the bottom to the top I have to drag and drop it THROUGH THE ENTIRE PLAYLIST (which is only even an option from the desktop application) which takes a few minutes to move each song because it doesn't work smoothly for large lists (once again, no way to manage lists easily).

* songs randomly becoming unavailable, radio mode, or censored - I have a LARGE number of songs on my 'thumbs up' playlist that were the original version and somehow turned into the censored version. It's something I've been complaining about to Pandora for almost the entire last decade and something they still have not fixed. They give some answer about rights changing around, but I think they have enough money to lock content for their users. I really don't care about the reason, it f***s up my experience and I'm done dealing with it. To make matters worse, a lot of the songs I really like randomly become 'radio mode only' so they only play if I'm listening to a radio stream. Not sure why I'm paying extra if the songs I really like won't play when I'm listening to a playlist. In a few cases a song simply says 'unavailble' and I can't play it on Pandora at all. Again, I'm not going to continue paying for a premium subscription for this type of experience.


Looks like it's time to switch to Spotify. 

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I have the exact same problem.  Right now I have 240 stations largely due to my Echo device adding them.  I only want to keep maybe 40.  Its overwhelming to do through the current interface.  To delete each one will take 3 clicks and a couple second wait for the delete to finish.

Do some quick math here, say I am really efficient and can do one every 10 seconds, that's about 2000 seconds to delete 200, or about 33 minutes of focused clicking.  You really need a batch delete feature!

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I, too, would love it if Pandora would allow us to delete multiple items at a time.  I added what I thought was a song to my very long playlist, but it turned out to be the 40th anniversary album of the same name that had a plethora of songs on it.  Not only can I not delete the whole album off of my playlist at once, but I've got to delete each song, and after every song, it takes me to the top of my playlist!  So I've got to scroll down to the bottom of my very long playlist each time to delete the next song.  This is getting REALLY old, Pandora!

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How about adding multiple song selections at once to a playlist, too? I'm new to playlists, but I cant seem to find a way to bulk-add songs, and it would be extremely annoying and time-consuming to search for every single song I want to add to lists.

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I'm amazed that this issue is still not resolved. I need a big de-kidefy button to remove the damage that comes from having a kid and a smart assistant connected to my Pandora account.