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Ideas: Choose Types of Ads/ Rate Ads

Ideas: Choose Types of Ads/ Rate Ads

Status: Open Ideas

I know there are a lot of folks out there that are annoyed by the advertisement selection that they are exposed to.  I am also one of them.  I have a suggestion, though I'm sure someone must have thought of this already.

Give us a thumbs-up/thumbs-down option for advertisements!  Not all advertisements are terrible, but some of them are so offensive to people that it's driving them away from your platform.  Or at the very least leading them to mute their device for a couple minutes until the ads are done playing.  I'm sure the ad payers probably don't enjoy forking over money simply to be muted and ignored by your listener base.  At the very least give them the exposure to those who are actually going to listen to them, and help them avoid those who are going to avoid them!


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Local Performer


Local Performer

Anymore, I hear one sided, biased ads which only tells me where Pandora stands and frankly, I dont care, but I dont want to hear it either. Not only should there be a thumbs up or down, but I'd be fine with a questioner for what ads I'd like to hear. But this is utter **ahem** and strongly considering deleting Pandora. 

Local Performer

I do wish we could thumb up or down the ads.
I turn off Pandora when the BLM ads come on.

Opening Act

Agreed, why is this not an option? 

Local Performer

I completely agree with this. I am currently enraged because I keep hearing Donald Trump ads about the horrible "radical left", and I can feel my blood boil every time I hear it. I don't understand why Pandora would accept money from Donald Trump, to begin with. If I continue to hear these ads, I am going to stop listening to Pandora, because I'm not okay with any company that is willing to accept money from a White supremacist. If you agree, I would encourage you to do the same.

Local Performer

I’ve stopped listening to Pandora because the ads were so disruptive to my listening experience (in foreign languages, NSFW, political content) and I wasn’t willing to pay to get rid of them.

Local Performer

Is there really no way to select the ad categories I’ll be subjected to? I’m fed up with the political ads. I’m alone at work for most of the day and I can’t play Pandora here anymore because if a customer hears a political ad, they will get angry at us. To make matters worse, Pandora sometimes plays ads by our competitors. I like the mixes that Pandora comes up with, and they have introduced me to some good artists, but this ad situation is so frustrating, I am going to have to use a different streaming music service. 

Local Performer

Is there a way to turn off specific ads? For example, are you a victim of sexual abuse is a definite YES when I am listening with some of my friends. Actually triggers them and need to turn off pandora completely. 
I understand it’s a good way to reach people who need it, but it’s traumatic to more people than you might realize.


Hi @Jsd3! Thanks for posting. 

I moved your message over to a current Feature Request for this. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to turn off specific ads. 

Be sure to to vote for this idea. The more votes an idea gets the more likely that it will be looked at for our roadmap.

Thanks for being part of community!

Local Performer

I get some ads I don't appreciate, and would appreciate this feature. I was listening to some piano music and got an ad for a new rap album. It really broke my peaceful mood - enough that I'd spend 15 mins of my Sunday afternoon searching for a solution and ending up here. I love Pandora and am more than happy to boast about it to my Spotify friends. I think including this feature would give y'all a huge boost in the music streaming industry and would additionally provide valuable feedback to companies that choose to advertise through Pandora. I'd assume the quality and potency of ads would increase, and that would make your businesses happy <and> your customers happy.

Happy holidays!