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Ideas: Choose Types of Ads/ Rate Ads

Ideas: Choose Types of Ads/ Rate Ads

Status: Open Ideas

I know there are a lot of folks out there that are annoyed by the advertisement selection that they are exposed to.  I am also one of them.  I have a suggestion, though I'm sure someone must have thought of this already.

Give us a thumbs-up/thumbs-down option for advertisements!  Not all advertisements are terrible, but some of them are so offensive to people that it's driving them away from your platform.  Or at the very least leading them to mute their device for a couple minutes until the ads are done playing.  I'm sure the ad payers probably don't enjoy forking over money simply to be muted and ignored by your listener base.  At the very least give them the exposure to those who are actually going to listen to them, and help them avoid those who are going to avoid them!


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kill specific ads

I'm on pandora free, so I get ads. Fine. I'm ok with that. However, there are certain ads that I find offensive, annoying, or just mistargeted... For example, I don't want to hear any more ads from Chick Fil A

I went to the ad preferences page, but they seem to be sorted by advertising agency, which is unhelpful... And a lot of them seem unskipable,  which seems like a bad set up...

what am I missing?

Diamond in the Rough

Hello @bpostow!

I too find some adds beyond annoying. So o don’t think we can like delete adds unless they give up like this contract. On the other hand to change the adds they need other companies to sign a contract. Now I own a store and I do get some emails here and there requesting me to sign a contract to be on the TV with commercials here and there (of course I didn’t agree). So I guess you’re stuck with Chick-Fil-A.

-Demon Deer

٩( 'ω' )و

Community Manager
Community Manager

@bpostow I moved your post over to this existing feature request: Choose Types of Ads / Rate Ads

Make sure to upvote this thread with a ❤️if you'd like to see this option added to the service.

Thanks for being a part of the Community! 

Local Performer

I'm getting a particular ad from a company that does not sit well with me. It is not Trojan, gynecologist, Adam & Eve, or what-have-you. It can't possibly be "based off my listening habits" (so I don't want to read the copy-paste about how all ads are vetted by your staff). It does not have any immediate "mature content", but it is insulting in a different nature. Is there any way to remove My Pillow ads? Or shut them out of my account? An idea would be to be able to Thumbs Down an ad, so it doesn't play it. Nearly every other service has the ability to report ads, why not Pandora? I've used your service for years and haven't really had any issues until I heard Mike Lindell come on. I've used your paid service, and it's great, but sometimes I need a break from the paid service, so that is not an option this month (so I don't want to read the copy-paste of how "another option" is to subscribe). How do I report ads? Thank you. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Thibaultyna I moved your post over to this existing feature request: Choose Types of Ads / Rate Ads

While there is not currently a way to provide thumb ratings on particular advertisements, make sure to upvote this thread with a ❤️if you'd like to see this option added to the service.

In the meantime, I have passed your message along to our Ads team for further review.

We appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us about this!

Local Performer

The Febreeze rap ads are the reason I switched to spotify.  I cant believe how many times I've been relaxing listening to Jazz or something and am bombarded with "I FUNKED UP! UHH UHH I FUNKED UP" Seriously, let me opt out of this horrible ad. 

Local Performer

Hi. I strongly support the idea of letting users customize the type of advertisements we are exposed to. I often have little children around when I'm playing Pandora. I do not want them to be exposed to adult content in advertisements, be it movie trailers with offensive language or LGBT photos or campaigns. 

Local Performer

I am considering deleting my account. I realize we need advertisements but when the ads hit home it knocks me out of my zone. I don't want to be reminded of the **ahem** I'm dealing with. That's why I'm listening music. To escape for awhile!

Local Performer

Id love to stop hearing pregnancy ads. I'm not planning on having another kid, ever.

Local Performer

I find the so-called teenage euthanasia ad very offensive. There needs to be a way to at least switch a bad ad to something else. That kind of subject material should only be for adults and not broadcast on a "family friendly" platform. Please stop this ad.