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Ideas: Crossfade / Gapless Audio Playback

Ideas: Crossfade / Gapless Audio Playback

Status: Open Ideas

Is there a way to blend one song into the next so that there is no dead silence between tracks?

Moderator Edit: Edited title for clarity

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Hi @abisai_aguilar7! Thanks for posting! 

I moved your message over to a Feature Request for this: gapless audio please

Please be sure to vote for this idea. The more votes an idea gets the more likely that it will be looked at for our roadmap for the future.

Thanks for being part of community!


Get with it Pandora!  Ready to jump to Spotify. 


This is very jarring; I just dropped Spotify paid and moved back to Pandora because I was missing the organic 'station' mode which Spotify is particularly <err....> at doing. However, I went with Premium primarily to replace the Spotify ability to listen to albums as a whole, but many are mixed to be a continuous experience.

It's EXTREMELY unpleasant that Pandora breaks this experience, and disappointing that it's not even a disabled option- even in the Premium grade service. I'm just an enthusiast, not an Audiophile, so I don't have equipment capable of highlighting the 'low' bitrate available, but this feature (and Spotify's larger catalogue) are the only things I can think of that EVERYBODY that pulls up an album can point to and say 'that's not how the artist meant this to be heard'...

Any update on progress here?


Do you want to Crossfade? Or just have Gapless audio?
Should this be merged with the Gapless option here


'crossfade' cleanly requires some real back-end shenanigans, beat-matching and such, doesn't it? It's more of a DJ-style function than Gapless, which is just a Playback function.

For example, if you were listening to the Beatles, you wouldn't want "Polythene Pam" and "Mean Mr Mustard" to crossfade into each other, because they're sequentially mixed on Abbey Road.

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I've been a Pandora subscriber since the earliest of days. I've resisted Spotify even though that's what the kids use. The crossfade feature is SO important I'm about to pay for a Spotify Premium subscription. Please make this feature available!

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Why haven't they listened to the community? Do they want us to go to Spotify instead? Not worth the extra money without a Crossfade feature.


Seriously, I'd like to clarify, do y'all mean:

true Crossfade (where you can hear both songs at once)


Gapless (where song B starts EXACTLY when song A ends, Spotify erroneously puts this feature as Crossfade On, 0 seconds)

There are a number of other threads that point to this question under Gapless, and I'd like to know if they're the same request, or slightly different

Thanks for your input and for putting your voice to this in the first place! 

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Please fix this so we can experience Lady Gaga’s transition from Chromatica II to 911 for what it’s meant to be. 

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Exactly what I was looking for... but if you're here so were you

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Some crossfading code to justify paid subscriptions would be easy enough. and a most welcome feature!!