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Ideas: Custom shuffle on mobile for Pandora Premium

Ideas: Custom shuffle on mobile for Pandora Premium

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Way back in the day, you could create a custom shuffle of your radio stations via the iOS application.  Somewhere along the way, that feature went away.  As of today, you can only set a custom shuffle via the web interface.  That custom shuffle will play via the iOS app, but what happens if you wnat to change it and you are not near a computer?  I am probably showing my age, but I got hooked on Pandora because I could shuffle / customize my radio stations.  It would be nice to have this functionality back on the mobile platform.



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The fact that this feature is not avaible for premium accounts when it is avaible for free accounts is ridiculous. I am PAYING extra money and losing a feature?? That makes no sense. I am deleting my premium account until this feature is added.


My Plus subscription is soon to be expired, I was considering purchase premium, but without the shuffle control via app, I'm not gonna pay double the price for missing features...

It is so dumb removing features from paying customers...

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It would be nice to have the custom shuffle as well instead of only shuffle all stations. It was available on my Pandora Plus, but not on Pandora Premium which I am paying more for.

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Why would you delete a feature for people paying extra?? What absolute imbicile made that decision?

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I will very likely switch back to free for this feature. Weird that it's a free but not a paid feature.

Why can I not choose which stations i want to be shuffled on the premium version? Might go back to the free version if this doesn’t get added to the premium service
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Community Manager

@Jackfrancis121 I moved your post to this thread as this is not currently a feature on mobile devices with Pandora Premium. 

Make sure to give this post a ❤️to express your interest in getting it added as well. 

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I want to set custom shuffle on my Pandora Premium with my phone. I read where you press and hold the "shuffle" but nothing happens to let me select what stations I want to shuffle. This feature had a pencil on the Free Pandora and worked flawlessly. Please advise.
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For Pandora Premium subscribers please add the option to shuffle stations. A great feature. After purchase I was disappointed that this was not available.  The shuffling of selected stations is a feature that separates Pandora from Spotify, Amazon, and others. 

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I'm really not liking how complicated you make tweaking your shuffle with premium to where it has to be done a computer.  That's lame. Plus allows to do from phone.  I will downgrading after this month because I don't want to have to always revert to my macbook to adjust what my shuffle plays.