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Ideas: Custom shuffle on mobile for Pandora Premium

Ideas: Custom shuffle on mobile for Pandora Premium

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Way back in the day, you could create a custom shuffle of your radio stations via the iOS application.  Somewhere along the way, that feature went away.  As of today, you can only set a custom shuffle via the web interface.  That custom shuffle will play via the iOS app, but what happens if you wnat to change it and you are not near a computer?  I am probably showing my age, but I got hooked on Pandora because I could shuffle / customize my radio stations.  It would be nice to have this functionality back on the mobile platform.



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This has been a gripe of mine since I first signed up for Premium.  

The ability to edit shuffle via mobiel has been available for years on the more basic Plus service, but still not available to the more expensive Premium service???

Come on Pandora.  That is weak. 

Also, check out the post regarding the ability to save different shuffle sets.  (sorry I don't have a link back to it) I've been asking for this for years now as well.  If you think this would be a great feature to add, please support that post with a "love" and comment.

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I just switched from the basic paid plan to premium and lost the shuffle feature. AND most times Pandora tells me that it is unable to play the new station I have selected and reverts back to the previous song that was playing. I am moving back to the cheaper and better working option.
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Shuffle is the only reason I use Pandora. My use dropped to nearly zero when I discovered I could no longer select "stations" from my phone. I suppose I should cancel my account, as these complaints and comments don't seem to have much impact on Pandora management.
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PLEASE add this feature!  It really doesn't make any sense that it's available with the free plan but not premium.  This is something that needs to change ASAP. 

Pandora, can you explain why we lose this ability when we start paying for your service?

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I agree with all. I can't believe that Pandora has not made this a priority issue?? I don't understand why you can't add this feature to premium or is just that hard to do?? Paying customers should have same and more options than free customers!!!!

This whole thread represents exactly why I do not pay for the Pandora Premium service. With Pandora Free or Pandora Plus, you can custom-shuffle via the app. But for some dumb reason (whatever the reason is, I'm sure it's dumb), this is not an option in the Pandora Premium service. And it's been this way since Premium was unveiled. Fix this, and I will instantly upgrade to premium. And you better do it before Amazon makes this an option for their unlimited service. Because my money will be sent to whomever does it first. It seems like this could be an easy fix into the app for Pandora....why has this not been done yet?
Why can I not choose which stations i want to be shuffled?This is a downgrade for a premium service
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@Jackfrancis121 I moved your post to this thread as this is not currently a feature of Pandora Premium. 

Feel free to give this post a ❤️to express your interest in getting it added as well! 


Adding my agreement! The main thing I'm looking for here. 🙂

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I don't understand why when I decided to upgrade to premium I lost my favorite feature to select what stations I want to shuffle on my android phone. If you can do it on the free then why not on the premium. This really needs to be fixed!