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Ideas: Discord Integration / Bot

Ideas: Discord Integration / Bot

Status: Open Ideas

Integration with discord (or a discord bot) would be fantastic. We can already share our Pandora stations with others by just handing them the URL, but being able to listen together in a Discord voice channel would be a less clunky way to listen to music together.

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Local Performer

Please integrate this!

Local Performer

yes it would be amazing to have this on my server. i want people to enjoy my crazy edited station of matalica followed by hooty and the blowfish followed by nervana followed by matchbox twenty followed by beastie boys lol im not joking i love this station. seriously please bring this to discord. 


I really hope this comes out soon

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Years later and we still can't get a discord bot.... no wonder nobody likes Pandora anymore... time for me to modernize i guess.

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I have had an endless series of requests for Pandora integration into my discord server it appears there's not much I can do other than making a bot myself or hiring out a third-party software developer to produce the application


Consider this a formal request to Pandora as one of its customers for many years now would you please integrate with discord


Edit: I have unfortunately had to move on to Spotify as they have integration with discord already this is not ideal as Pandora has a much better selection of music but I have no choice this is the case for many of Pandora's customers and potential customers they are losing revenue because of this

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Hey Pandora, you ever going to make this happen?!

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Adding my request for Discord integration. Please and thank you.

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Maybe in 2024?   For now i'm moving to Spotify. 

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Would rather use pandora but have to use spotify until they add this 😞

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I stopped using Pandora years ago because of -zero- discord bot integration support. I spend my time with Apple Music now. 

This would be huge. Heck, I have a friend who tries to stream her playlists and it won’t even allow that! It shows chrome but there is no audio