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Ideas: Downloading music to SD Card

Ideas: Downloading music to SD Card

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how do i make pandora download all my music to the sd card?


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I don't see an option to upvote, but this is a critical feature.

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Need to add SD Card option to save songs to ASAP it is 2020 why have a 512GB SD card if I cant use it, just switched from Spotify today but will switch back soon if this is not fixed!


Thank you

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I find it embarrassing the Pandora hasn’t implemented this feature. Seems like basic functionality that’s missing. Shouldn’t even have to be a feature request. Just sloppy.

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6 months and no progress.  Clearly not a priority since it doesn't affect iphones.

I currently use google play music which is being replaced later this year with youtube music.  At the moment youtube music lacks a few key features.  Chief among these is the ability to save radio stations to my library and to download those stations for offline listening.  Because of this, myself and many other google play music users are looking for alternatives. 

Pandora is the "OG" of internet radio, and they could be a good home for many of these potential users if they remember for a minute that the vast majority of mobile phones use android, and many of those phones have SD cards.

I currently have over 100GB of music downloaded so that I can listen to whatever I want without using mobile data.  Until Pandora fixes the SD card issue, I will not be extending my subscription beyond the free trial. 

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I just upgraded to Premium so that I can download music for offline listening, but then discovered there's no setting to download to my sd card storage instead of my phone's internal storage. That is completely stupid. Any other app I've got for media has the option to download to an sd card. This is 2020 hello.... Why is this not possible on a platform as popular as Pandora?

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This will be a reason that if not fixed, I will have to reconsider continuing with my family plan

I need to be able to move my offline downloads to my SD card

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Pandora should be ashamed to call themselves a top music application if they can't even have basic functions as music to SD. I will  not be renewing my subscription and everyone I know will not either. Maybe when they start to lose money they will get some logic.

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has this been implemented yet?

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This is a total WASTE of the precious space on my phone. I travel frequently in areas with limited cell service and need to have tunes downloaded to the device. However, since it can only store in internal storage, I have too little space to keep going through the dead zones. I am going to have to cancel my Pandora Premium after being a loyal user for nearly 10 years because of this. I WON'T KEEP PAYING FOR AN APP THAT DOESN'T WORK PROPERLY. Fix this and maybe I'll come back.


Unfortunately most phone manufacturers are moving away from external storage.  Apple realized it can charge a hefty premium for storage if they don't offer an external storage, and just like the elimination of the headphone jack, everyone else is jumping on board.

I still think it's a great feature, and I will buy a phone with external storage over one without, even if I have to take a hit in tech specs.