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Ideas: Downloading music to SD Card

Ideas: Downloading music to SD Card

Status: Open Ideas

how do i make pandora download all my music to the sd card?


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Totally required.   Negligent to be absent upon the first release.  This is one of so many ways that Pandora, despite having invented the category, is getting eclipsed by Spotify.   Come on guys - do the obvious.  Get 'er done!!

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I am low on memory. Need to move to SD like Amazon Music does.

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seriously? my phone has low storage to begin with because it's a cheap phone. I have a 64GB SD card in to add extra photo, app, etc storage..and I see that Pandora > DOESN'T < move over to it? How in the world am I supposed to enjoy streaming music that eats up my **ahem** internal storage? This post original date was from 2 years ago. Hello in there, are we voicing concerns to air? No wonder you lured people from sweatcoin in for a 3 month free trial...

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Pandora get with the times 1000s of buyers purposefully get phones with sd storage and low ram. 


The oems charge $100s of dollars for 256mb  the equivalent 30 bucks if added SD ram

I just bought a Samsung galaxy s20 because it had expandable memory. It has 1/2 the memory of my current phone only 128gb. But since I have a 512gb sd card. No Worries

Little space is left on primary drive. I'm forced to switch to the guys with the green logo. 

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Downloading one Playlist caused my phone to become full.  I need too be able to download to SD like Amazon Prime Music let's me do. I am paying for the family plan, I should be able to choose the download location.  I have already voted for this year's ago and nothing happens. 

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I've been using Pandora since 2011 or 2012. I absolutely love it. I download every song I can but it quickly fills up my phone storage. Was wondering if saving to SD card is either a thing or a future thing. 

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Community Manager

@RockLobster I moved your post over to this existing thread: Downloading to SD Card

I recommend upvoting this feature request with a ❤️if you'd like to see it added to the service.

Thanks for being a part of the Community! :pandora:

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When is this functionality going to be added?

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Why can't the whole app along with my music be moved to my external (sd card) storage?

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+ Need this capability