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Ideas: End of the Month Wrap Up

Ideas: End of the Month Wrap Up

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Status: Open Ideas

i know people love the idea of the end the year wrap up but what about at the end of the month? i think it would be awesome if at the end of a month or something, there was a list available of your most played stuff. i think it would be a super popular feature and it would be an easy way to collect your favorites.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for the great idea, @redvelvet!

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I think every month would be two frequent. What about mid year and end year wrap up?


i think an end of month would be interesting to see - maybe add a feature to toggle or select frequency of notifications. i would be interested to know what bands, genres, or albums i listen to the most. normally i just open the site, let it play in the background and never know who or what is exactly playing. it would also be interesting to know how many hours each station is played on a daily or monthly basis, and total hours listened to... a total analytics pack would be intersting. could also help pandora advertising too... just a thought.