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Ideas: Exclude Live performances or remixed versions of songs

Ideas: Exclude Live performances or remixed versions of songs

Status: Open Ideas

Am I the only one who thinks we should have a way to exclude live performances from our listening experience? Make this happen.


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Local Performer

If an original version of a song is no longer available on Pandora for whatever reason, they should gray that song out on your playlist.

Instead they replace the original track with some awful re-recorded version.  This has ruined just about every playlist I've made on Pandora.  It's almost not worth fixing because at a glance, you can't tell what's changed.

My spouse is an employee, so my service is free.  If I paid for Pandora, I would have switched services with zero hesitation a long time ago.  Gotta fix this and keep the original tracks where you can.  It's like listening to karaoke covers sometimes!

Opening Act

I would like to see a feature where you can just hear the studio version of songs on stations. To many times the song that plays is not the studio version but the live version of the song.

Local Performer

Please add this feature that was requested many years ago! It seems that there are more and more live versions or remixes of late and it's not a pleasant listening experience. 

Local Performer

I've been thinking about this for years. Seems every time I vice search a song in my car, I get the live/in-concert version. I hate it. Live music **ahem** when you're at the concert, I certainly don't want to have to listen to the crowd in my car... PLEASE HELP! 


Local Performer

I hate live recordings. If i wanna hear a live version I'll go see the show in person!  I've told Google to play certain songs on Pandora and they ALWAYS play the live version. Yuck!

Local Performer

There are 4 years of people complaining about live versions with Pandora doing nothing about it. Whats the deal?

I want ZERO live versions of anything. There is nothing worse than rocking out in your car, a song ends, and a live version starts blowing out your eardrums with all the screaming an nonsense that starts a live track.

Local Performer

Please add a feature to not play live songs! I don't like them