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Ideas: Exclude Live performances or remixed versions of songs

Ideas: Exclude Live performances or remixed versions of songs

Status: Open Ideas

Am I the only one who thinks we should have a way to exclude live performances from our listening experience? Make this happen.


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Local Performer

Yes.  Please add the option to exclude live or non original album versions of songs.  I don't need live version or a 10 hour party mix of one song playing all day and would like to be able to exclude those from playing. 


It's been half a decade, maybe it's time to implement the feature.

Local Performer

This! SO much this! The toggle should be account-wide and the toggles should be for live, remix, AND acoustic versions of songs! 

Edit: I'm reading all of the feedback on this, and I finally came across a post from someone from the company. The reason this isn't implemented yet is because they think that using the thumb rating system, it will work itself out. Talked to customer service, they think the same thing. IT ISN'T THE SAME THING. The thumbs rating does NOTHING for search results because search results aren't tied to a station. We want something account-wide so it never comes up on search results. It also won't "ban" a band that we like because we heard 3 versions of songs we don't like before getting a studio version of the song from a band we actually DO like. This option is NEEDED on our profile page. If it was just stations, I would agree with Pandora, but this isn't just about stations. It's about getting rid of versions we don't like without running the risk of never hearing a band we DO like because Pandora is just FULL of versions of the same song. It's about getting rid of versions from search results when using a service like Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc. I hope I conveyed the importance of this option.

Local Performer

I am in favor of this too

Local Performer

Another person wanting this feature...