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Ideas: Font size option

Ideas: Font size option

Status: Open Ideas

Have larger font size for seniors, blind, and other community members who can’t read the tiny font. It should be automatically connected to the operating system selected font. 

Please enable everyone to enjoy the app!

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The tiny font size is ridiculous. Even when using the app on a computer where you can manipulate the settings for low vision, the fonts are so small that to make Pandora visible, makes everything else GIANT -- almost too large. It would be so much more user-friendly if you allowed for adjustable font size in the app, or at least offered a small-medium-large default view option for people to choose from. Right now the only option, is extra-glaucoma-causing tiny.

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No one wants to see the **ahem** album art give me larger text and larger icons for better use in the car and while multitasking. Your old menu was way better on the iPhone 5 everything was huge. Now it’s like you guys don’t want it to be a radio but more of a random mp3 mix player. Fix the font please.

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I agree as well. Could you at least make a widget for us old blind people that has only the title, artist and controls in a larger font?

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Please add an equalizer 


PLEASE allow for larger font sizes or a different display option to see who the artist is and are unreadable on my iPhone, especially in the car.   Those huge album and song images are useless.    I thought companies had a responsibility to make their apps accessible to all?    This thread has been open for THREE YEARS already.  

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I would like to be able to see the play time tracker  while on my bike trainer or even in a still well lit room. I have to agree the font size is stupid small for no benefit and it would be a much more usable app if all the information displayed was legible