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Ideas: Grouping stations manually by genre, mood, etc.

Ideas: Grouping stations manually by genre, mood, etc.

Status: Open Ideas

I probably have 50 stations. I would love it if I could group them by kind: classical, world, French, female vocalists, etc.

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Local Performer

I agree that the ability to organize in folders (or perhaps with tags) would be a very desirable feature. I think a lot of people like to organize things in a hierarchy, but it seems like a lot of software is trending towards the expectation that the user will just search for whatever they want, possibly with the aid of a "smart search" of some type. But there are times when I would like to just select from the stations that I have created that are of a certain type, or for a certain purpose, or perhaps even to play when we have certain friends over and want some background music ....

I'm used to thinking in terms of folders, but perhaps tags would be more versatile if they are implemented as I would expect them to be, so that I could associate a station with multiple tags rather than putting it into multiple folders. 

If there is already a feature with equivalent functionality that I just haven't found, please let me know. Thanks!

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I would like to put different artists into a single folder.  There are plenty of people suggesting it but I haven't found a solution. 

Local Performer

I strongly support this idea. I also have around 50 stations, including seven Christmas stations. (Wait, how did I pick up *seven* Christmas stations?) Being able to mix them specifically with each other would be nice this holiday season, but instead I have to pick one and stick with it.

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I was just about to make this suggestion.  I  would love the feature to be able to create folders and shuffle music from them. I hate that I feel like I have to delete stations because I have too many to look through when trying to find something.

Opening Act

Yes, custom grouping for stations and custom sorting of groups & stations within.

Local Performer

I feel the same way. Why hasn't Pandora enabled grouping of stations by folders?

Local Performer

Just like most users in this list, I am interested in being able to group certain stations into playlists. So far, all I see from Pandora is a big thank you for supporting pandora. Well, how about Pandora doing a big solid and support the users by filling the requsts. PRONTO!

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Love Pandora.  Tried Spotify, but came back.  However, I've been asking for this for years now.  I would like to be able to group my Stations by genre, or any other categories.  When will this feature be made available.  

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Seriously would love the ability to better manage stations and playlists into self-identified categories, like 'work' or 'outdoor party'.

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Is there any way to create a playlist of some sort with a mix of stations without having to shuffle? Would be nice to have a pre-picked group of stations to go back and forth to instead of always adjusting them in shuffle.