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Ideas: Increase 250 Station Limit

Ideas: Increase 250 Station Limit

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I love using Pandora, and i have discovered So much different types of music. Often ill look up random words just to discover a new artist or genere. A 250 station limit is Not enough, on a regular basis I will have to delete a station to make a space to discover a new artist, or even to simply play what a coworker has requested to listen to. It is a Constant struggle for me to maintain my pandora due to the limit, I often shuffle the wide vareity of my music, and deleting the wrong station for another can drastically offset the flow of my shuffle but having one genere out-weigh another. I have been an on/off premuim user. But i would Never stop paying for pandora if i had Unlimited station access.

Thanks for reading!!


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I listen to literally everything, so I would like to be able to have ALL stations, shuffled. I would love to see more stations for more uncommon music too, like bagpipes, marching band, traditional Chinese, noise... I would also love an Instrumental category when browsing for stations, so I don't have to open each genre to see if they have an instrumental station or not. 

Can anyone tell me how many Pandora-created stations there are right now? I'm wondering how big of a gap there is between that and our limit. 

Thank you and I LOVE Pandora!

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Sent from my iPhone I know you can only have 250 stations

The amount of stations you can have in Pandora really should be unlimited.

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I suggest incremental increases to see how well the service can handle it.

Start with 300? If everything doesn't crash & burn then bump it up to 400?

500 max & never look back?

Idk for sure, but I agree that a 250 station limit is too restricting to many music lovers. I mostly use "shuffle stations" so I find it very inconvenient to have to micromanage my listening experience by keeping tabs on which stations were automatically deleted because I wanted to explore an unfamiliar genre, band, artist, etc.

As one comment previously mentioned, it's frustrating when my "shuffle stations" gets involuntarily skewed. I often have to tip toe around listening to anything new, or end up using another streaming service altogether in order to keep my favorite stations accessible and my shuffle ratio intact.

What about 250 free, then 500 for premium users? It's a win-win. Incentive & potential for more paying customers, and a much happier experience for existing customers.


250 just feels like a punishment for being an eclectic listener.

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Please let unlimited stations be a thing. I shuffle all my stations all day every day and I need more. 🥲🙏

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yes! if unlimited stations were offered, I would gladly pay for a lifetime premium subscription.