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Ideas: Listening Statistics for Playlists / Stations / Albums / Songs

Ideas: Listening Statistics for Playlists / Stations / Albums / Songs

Status: Open Ideas

I would like to request station specific listening statistics. For example, I have had pandora for 5 years, and throughout almost all of that time, my most listened to station is Marina and the Diamonds Radio. Yesterday I wanted to find out exactly how long I had listened to that exact station, but there is not an option for that other than a year review.

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Nerd alert....I'd like to see some stats on each song and album~ Like how many listeners and such. 

Local Performer

Is there a way to find listening habit stats or anything like that? I know you can find total hours played for pandora total but is there anything else to read about my account?



@nelomah Pandora will give out those stats within a month or so. They post those once a year, last year it was posted in October, my guess is they will do the same this year. Keep checking back from time to time. Take care and stay safe. 

Local Performer

I want to know how many times i've listened to individual songs. I suspect that's something already kept track of, since Pandora is paying a very wee amount to the artists per listen, right? So if the data is already available, it would be cool to integrate it into the interface where i can look.