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Ideas: Make Listening History Available

Ideas: Make Listening History Available

Status: Open Ideas

It would be great to have a history of all of the songs that have been played on my Pandora profile page- much in the way all of my YouTube history is available for me to view (and even edit).

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As of this week, I have been trying to identify a single good song pandora recommended for A YEAR to no avail, because of the lack of this feature. I've tried everything. I cannot get Pandora to play the song again no matter how I alter the station. Due to the lack of listen history an enormous amount of my time has been wasted, and now I need you to tell me what I listened to a year ago instead of a day ago, due to the lack of an obvious feature. Who can I contact or talk to in order to get at least an excel extract of my own listen history data? If we can't have a feature that is trivial to implement in 2022, can I at least have my own data so this problem can stop wasting  time? I used to advocate Pandora everywhere but I can't recommend it when such a basic piece of functionality is missing and it leads to so much ongoing frustration.

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Are you saying you want a way to thumbs up, or down, music in your station's add variety list?

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The reason I vote for this feature is, in addition to the uses above, I play pandora through my Sonos app. Stupid Sonos doesn't integrate very well and there isn't a way to scroll back even one song.  So, if I don't get to the app in time (while the song is actually playing), there is no way to see what song it is.

This feature used to be part of the ability to purchase songs. I guess no one does that anymore but I miss that feature too.

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This needs to be implemented!


Yes, this shouldn't even be an issue especially if it's

local and not using any server memory

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Has this feature been added? I love this idea. 


@Rayb2001 Sonos still has an internal scrobbling option, as far as I know, so you could check your listening history for songs heard on Pandora in the past.

In other news, the Web Scrobbler browser plugin I mentioned before will probably support Safari soon (other Chromium-based browsers are already supported plus Firefox), so Pandora listeners using this browser (both macOS and Windows versions) and the Pandora web player will be able to scrobble it as well. It might also be possible to add this extension to Safari on iOS then, not sure yet. Android scrobbling apps should already work with Pandora, too.

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Agree! Would be fantastic to go back through the week, at least, to find what was played when. Similar to some, I'm working or doing something so unable to go check it at the moment it's on.

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Is this a thing yet? Not sure why I can’t look back at the songs that pandora has played for me. Very strange?

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Yes, would love this feature. Please implement!