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Ideas: Military Family Subscription Discount

Ideas: Military Family Subscription Discount

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Status: Open Ideas

Would Pandora ever consider offering a Military/Veteran Family subscription? I'm a Vet, I have a family, whaddya say?



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Yes it would. But Pandora doesn't seem to care.
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I see you have a Military discount on the premium subscription for a single account but no discount for a military family. If anyone could use a break on subscriptions it would be a military family even more so than a single warrior, not to mention a disabled vet and family.

Please consider a Military Family Discount for those who are and who have given their time and lives to make our and your freedoms possible (including the free market freedoms that allow a great service like Pandora to operate in the first place).

🙏  ☮️ 🎶

Thanks for considering,

Our Veteran Family:

Me-US Army Veteran

My Father-Us Army Veteran (Korea)

My Uncles-US Army and Navy Veterans (2) (Korea, WW2)

My Grandfather-US Army Veteran

My Sons-US Navy Veterans (2)

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Active duty families endure the same (or more) hardships as the service member themselves. My 4 kids have moved 12 times in 18 years serving our nation. That’s why the population of military veterans shrinks every year.

What ultimately happens is that the kids want their own musical freedoms as they age. They learn about competitor services from their friends, but “have to share” the family’s military account. Military parents aren’t willing to spend a bunch on individual accounts every month, so the result is that the kids crave a bit more than pandora is providing. They try other music services rather than becoming lifelong pandora subscribers.

This is a bummer because everyone loses out: military parents, military kids, and pandora….

Hope Pandora changes policy soon to support military families as they deserve soon!

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I appreciate the discount you voluntarily give.  Id really appreciate it being extended to the family plan.

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Here here!!!

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I’d love to see the discount as  a disabled vet w a family, however, what’s the margins and cost of losing out on all the profits between the individual and having six ppl on one account? 

id gladly pay the current amount for greater quality and quantity of music, introduce some AI features, and a better car interface