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Ideas: Music videos or visualizer

Ideas: Music videos or visualizer

Status: Open Ideas

Some sort of visualizer mode would be cool to see. I'd like to see it when casting from my phone to my TV. Would be a fun feature on all possible platforms.


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I was listening to music in my office at work today and happened to think that a visualizer would be really nice to have.  So happy that it has been pitched already but so sad that this was originally pitched back in 2019 and nothing has come of it.  I'd even be happy to settle for an early 2000's quality visualizer.  Just something to pop full screen that isn't that regular Pandora screen.  If Pandora wanted to they could have a basic visualizer with the free Pandora radio and give many more options for customization for Pandora Premium.

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Just here to say we're all still waiting for a visualizer. Doesn't need to be anything crazy but I frequently have Pandora playing on my HTPC and the standard screen just doesn't work. 

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Discussed with my friends this weekend that there aren't very many well-made visualizers out there that sync with music and are easy to use.
It would be so cool to have something like itunes used to have!
Hopefully it could have features like the stations so you could ask if for chill/party/energizing/ect

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Why don't we have this already?!?! WinAMP was doing this in 2000, lol

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Pandora is abandonware.

I still pay them $5 /mo for music. I just no longer have any expectations.