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Ideas: Music videos or visualizer

Ideas: Music videos or visualizer

Status: Open Ideas

Some sort of visualizer mode would be cool to see. I'd like to see it when casting from my phone to my TV. Would be a fun feature on all possible platforms.


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I love Pandora, but I tend to use Calm while streaming on my TV when I entertain,  as the different visuals lend more atmosphere to the sound experience.

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There should be an option where instead of seeing the song cover we can have live backgrounds. If its multiple colors, Black and White, or you choose. Different soundwave styles or moving shapes and colors.



Alex1504_0-1620920470483.jpeg Alex1504_3-1620920591204.jpeg Alex1504_1-1620920496402.jpeg Alex1504_2-1620920534564.jpeg 

Alex1504_4-1620920722802.jpeg Alex1504_5-1620920754331.jpeg

Black and White

 Alex1504_7-1620920825132.jpeg  Alex1504_8-1620920835739.png  Alex1504_10-1620920915630.png Alex1504_13-1620921184880.jpeg Alex1504_14-1620921230806.jpeg  Alex1504_12-1620921000534.jpeg Alex1504_15-1620921344995.png

Shapes- Color

Alex1504_16-1620921539612.jpeg  Alex1504_18-1620921611418.jpeg  Alex1504_19-1620921657635.jpeg  Alex1504_20-1620921694242.jpeg  

Alex1504_21-1620921752582.png  Alex1504_22-1620921776340.jpeg  Alex1504_23-1620921830717.jpeg  Alex1504_24-1620921898214.jpeg

Black and White

Alex1504_25-1620921968416.jpeg  Alex1504_26-1620921991922.png  Alex1504_27-1620922020180.jpeg  Alex1504_28-1620922096445.jpeg  Alex1504_30-1620922185345.png

Alex1504_31-1620922214964.png  Alex1504_32-1620922236353.png  Alex1504_33-1620922279413.jpeg  Alex1504_34-1620922309036.jpeg  Alex1504_35-1620922352380.jpeg  Alex1504_36-1620922394162.jpeg

*All images found on google. 

It is kind of like the old color slide show that would play if on a computer or be projected on a wall when playing music. It just gives people fun things to watch either while listening or just as a calm background. 

There can be a smaller section on the screen where you can see the song cover, title, and skip/like options. 



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I also would Love a Visualizer of some sort!!!!! What does it take to get someone at pandora, preferably a decision  maker ; to actually listen to suggestions and get it done? A petition with a certain number of signatures? Tell me .. "WE THW COMMUNITY WOULD LOVE TO KNOW !!! Even with an extra cost, I think k it would be a huge improvement, with an old idea!!!

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Bumping this, we still need this option.

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How is this not a thing yet!


Need to add video feature with music if can 

Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @Mack2! Thanks for posting to the Feature Request board. 

Can you do me a favor and expand on your idea a little more. Would you like to see music videos along with songs, or a visualizer that corresponds to the music?

Thanks for being part of community! 

Adding options to select music and video together. Or the option for video.

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A visualizer was one of the reasons Napster was so successful. Please add this feature!!!

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Would anyone else be interested in music videos playing on Pandora?