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Ideas: Non-Windows Store Windows Desktop App

Ideas: Non-Windows Store Windows Desktop App

Status: Open Ideas

Between organizations that block access to the Windows App Store and people who just don't want to use it (which is many), there needs to be a stand-alone version of the Windows Pandora app for download.

Bit of a massive oversight, to be honest.

Please and thank you!

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would love this option as my workplace doesn't allow us to download from the store.

Local Performer

I'm in the same boat.  Seems ridiculous that this hasn't been resolved in 2 years.


You can use Edge to install as an Application.

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Pro Tip: if you're using Chrome as your browser, you can "save a shortcut" to a website, which lets it open in a new stand-alone browser window.

  1. Go to the 3-dot menu next to your profile icon, under the X that will close the browser window.
  2. Go down to More Tools and click Create Shortcut.
  3. Check the box for "Open as Window" and then click "Create".

You can then pin this to the taskbar if you want.

Sorry, I don't use Firefox much, so I'm not sure if there's an equivalent method for that browser.


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This is a real issue.  I am a premium user but am tempted to move to another provider since I can't control Pandora with my keyboard (Logitech, not some no name brand).  This is a must have for all of us that use Pandora at work.  

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Please include a non MS store version.