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Ideas: Non-Windows Store Windows Desktop App

Ideas: Non-Windows Store Windows Desktop App

Status: Open Ideas

Between organizations that block access to the Windows App Store and people who just don't want to use it (which is many), there needs to be a stand-alone version of the Windows Pandora app for download.

Bit of a massive oversight, to be honest.

Please and thank you!

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @Sidus,

Thank you for your feedback and new idea for the desktop app. We rely on feedback like yours to help us develop products and features that we know our community wants to see. If your suggestion receives votes from other customers and gains popularity, it will be shared internally with various teams at Pandora.

Thank you for begin part of Pandora community! ❤️

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I'd love to see this. Been wanting one for a while.

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Yes please.


This is a huge requirement for me.

Opening Act

I'd like to see a non-windows store, non-windows application >_>;

Official, proper & fully featured GNU/Linux application! Free/libre open source and a PPA for Debian based distros like Ubuntu. Appimg, Flatpak, or Snap are also acceptable. And without tracking of any sort.

Or, better yet, plugins or built-in support for several music players like Amarok/Clementine/Strawberry, Deadbeef, Quod Libet, etc.

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I would also appreciate a stand-alone app that I can install without the MS App Store.


Yeah, that could be the best. Microsoft store destroyes always my connections. I was can't download the app. So i download by chrome using as a website.

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Many organizations (mine included) block access to the Windows Store.  Please make the app downloadable from, it would solve the problem for everyone!

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Yes. We don't deal with the Windows Store at home (and never will), and we can't at work. The main competitor has a non-Windows Store app, so it makes sense to provide options for customers that they do, right? The WS is just not reliable (today when I tried the Pandora link, it was broken in the Store), and WS impossible to use in Windows 11 if you have a local (non-Microsoft Windows account) - which every member of our family has (Windows 11 Pro). I honestly don't know anyone that would download anything from the Windows Store.

I almost forgot that we prefer the dedicated app to the web app because it's pretty common to close a browser when you're finished browsking, and there goes your music. Also, it's just a better experience than the web app. I find myself listening less and less to Pandora because of the inability to download a Windows app.

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Windows Store is blocked in my organization.  Pandora is now useless for new  users in my company. 

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I'm lucky that on one machine I have the AIR version that's still working since I can't seem to download it from the MS store.  This is really frustrating to deal with as I transition to a new build. I absolutely love Pandora's music selection, but they keep finding ways to kill off loyal customers. Please supply a non MS store version so we can stay customers - Spotify does!