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Ideas: Notification for duplicate songs within playlists on web

Ideas: Notification for duplicate songs within playlists on web

Status: Open Ideas

I sometimes forget that I have a song already in a playlist and when I add a song already in my playlist it will duplicate it and not let me know its already in a specific  playlist I am choosing to add it.

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Seems like a no brainer feature.  Pandora's playlist creation and management options are horrible,  Simple obvious features like preventing duplicates.  Sorting, Searching, or multiple select are unavailable. 


C'mon guys need ability to remove duplicates from a playlist - Seriously


Agree - this happens to me all the time, and I end up with the same songs three or four times in a playlist. I like the song, but not that much. Even if we could just export the playlist to Excel or something so we could search for duplicates manually it would help!

I don't want to export anything, it's an app and a program on your
computer. Hit duplicates and let it do it's work, can't be that difficult
for a programmer. C'mon Pandora fix it, a lot of people have asked for it.

Local Performer

Please add the ability to delete duplicates or at least a way to sort a playlist so we can the duplicates and manually remove them.

In this day and age this should be a rather easy request, can't imagine why
they keep dragging their feet on this. Also play lists should be allowed to
be greater than 5,000 songs. Should be able to merge them and check for
duplicates. I have been a Premium member for 10+ years but am thinking of
switching over to a different platform.

People have been requesting this feature for MANY YEARS what is the reason you can't get this done?

Local Performer
  • Someone please add a feature that a) removes duplicates from a playlist or b) easily identifies a song, when looking at the playlist, as a duplicate so we can remove them.  Please!
People have been requesting this for a LONG LONG LONG TIME, apparently no
one is listening. After being a Pandora Premium subscriber for MANY YEARS
perhaps it's time to jump ship if they can't handle a simple request.
Local Performer

Duplicate warning works on app but not web!  I listen all day long on the web at work.  This is so problematic!  I am a premium user also.  Your support has ignored this problem as of today.  

If you happen to save a song that is already in your playlist, the web interface will allow you to add a duplicate song.  The iOS app will reply that "the song is already in playlist, add duplicate?".

Would be great if that same feature existed on the web version. 


I use the web for playing - but use my app utilizing search option for song and then add to playlist to help curb the duplicate adds - sad it takes so much effort. 


Playlists and some content is still not allowed to sort alphabetically resulting in creating even more duplicates.  


When you expand the song details and have options Collect/Download/Share/Add to Playlist/Start Station/Add to Queue - CREATE a button that shows a tag or link trail of where this song appears in your profile - giving the option to remove etc!  

Please keep improving your products... lots of complaints on these two topics.