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Ideas: Option to Manually Refresh Offline Stations

Ideas: Option to Manually Refresh Offline Stations

Status: Open Ideas

I still feel there should be an option to manually refresh a station.  You cannot thumbs up or down while driving.  For example, the 60s, 70s, 80s station must have thousands and thousands of songs under that category.  I would like a random new selection of songs from time to time, and that has NOT happened since I began listening.  I was able to listen while working one day, and I did thumb up and down - but, that has NOT changed the songs that are playing on the station when I am off-line in the car.  And, as I mentioned, I like the serenditpity (surprise) of hearing a new batch of songs that I might not have remembered to look up, or haven't heard in a long time.  So, I would like to be able to clear the station of current songs, and have a refresh on what shows up.


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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open Ideas

@Gr8aunt Moving your idea over to our Feature Request board for you as others may be interested in this option too. Thanks for sharing your suggestion with the community!

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If you toggle Offline Stations off and back on, it usually refreshes your stations.

You should find this in Profile > Settings (gear icon) > Offline.

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And adds garbage. I've had to thumbs down all but three songs in one of my offline stations.
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I keep deleting and re-downloading my offline stations but they have been playing the same exact songs in the same order for a while now. When i listen to that station online it's completely different because of songs I have thumbed up. It's seriously frustrating because I use the offline station in the car (I live in a rural area with spotty service) and at home when I'm doing chores outside. I end up having to listen to the regular radio, but when I'm paying $50+ a year to have this service it'd be nice if it worked properly.
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I hope this is the correct place to post. I have been unable to get the offline stations to update for a long time. I used to be able to trigger the updates by hitting next a few times. At this point, I have tried adding new seeds to each station, tried creating more space on the phone, deleting and reinstalling Pandora. I think the last update worked right after the last Samsung update, but I haven't the administrative command over Android to distill why. Phone reboots don't yield any results. Most of the reason I got the subscription was the offline mode..

Make it visually confirming.

I've only seen it happen once ever.

add an actual button already.

Especially if subbed to plus/premium