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Ideas: Option to block all clean or explicit content

Ideas: Option to block all clean or explicit content

Status: Open Ideas

Pandora currently includes an option to filter out explicit content, and only play Clean or Radio Edit versions of songs.

I would like to request the opposite option, namely: Filter Clean Content.

In a way similar to the "Filter Explicit Content" option, this option would only play songs that have their un-edited, explicit content.

As an informed, consenting adult, I would prefer to listen to the "Dirty" versions of songs. As I dislike the "Clean" versions of these songs, I would prefer to not hear them. Currently the only way to do that is to thumb the song down, which just removes it and all versions of it from my shuffle or playlist.


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Yeah I'm doing Spotify now as well and loving it! Since I have to basically
restart My favorites list I've popped back on here to get My list back up.
Spotify also plays most music Pandora doesn't.
I'm really geeked about the change I made!
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I listen to music with "bad language" and I LOVE IT!! It's like being kicked in the head when you're jammin' out and there's supposed to be an F-bomb, (the dreaded) N-word, the B-word, the S-word, the A-word, the C-word, the D-word, the E-word, the G-word, the H-word, the I-word, the J-word, the K-word, the L-word, the M-word, the O-word, the P-word, the Q-word, the HARD R-word, or the T-word, is supposed to drop and it's either silent or they've dubbed in some corny turd of a word- the silence REALLY kills the vibe, especially with the tunes I listen to because there are often several "bad words" strung together. It ruins the music. 

So, what are you supposed to do? Skip the song? Thumbs down? Inadvertently tell the algo that you no longer like the artist or does it inform the algo that you just don't like that song, or that *particular version* of that song? Because I love the song- it's the censorship I don't like. It's painting over a renaissance painting by a master because there's a nipple or shriveled peen peeking out to say "Hi!". It's wrong. It's amoral. It's destructive. What's more, kids are only aware for about 10 years before they magically transition into adults- but adults are aware for a good 60-90 years, yet, we have to censor everything "FFOOORRRR THHEEE KIIIDDSSS!!" for that decade of growth, because the parents aren't doing their job? Isn't there a setting where you can only allow censored music? (I know there is) So, why isn't there a setting that only allows the fully uncensored nudies we ALL want?? IMO, it's a setting that makes more sense than censoring life for kids for a decade, when, next thing you know, they're getting their 14 year old girlfriend pregnant. But it's the F-bomb in my 30 year old rap song that's the REAL problem!! Right?! Rrrrriiiiighttt...  ;-]  

Drives me nuts. By the way, I went off and made this as long as I did because I know nobody's ever going to read it. So, I decided to pretend someone's going to care, and vent a bit. Now, I'mma go smoke, chill a bit, and hear part of a D-12 song. (But what about Eminem?!?? _______ are you _______???) See? It just doesn't hit the same, does it. For shame. Shame on you Pandora. How dare you provide me with virtually unlimited music for "free" (making me listen to horrific ads, or pay way too much for an ad-free sub) and censor my tunes? Please, I'm beggin', please stop censoring the art I consume. I'm a fully grown up grown-up. I'm not racist, homophobic, transphobic, religious (thank god!), I AM childless, so, the bad words aren't bad words to me- they're just words. Sometimes, they're the best words and often, they're required words. Leave our music alone. Just play what our favorite artists created for us. 


Peace out, h-word.


@Mustangman6799 bro are you high? Tone it down a notch. It's not what you say it's how you say it. 😁

Local Performer

@Diego318  My guy, I thought (think) my little rant is actually pretty entertaining- it makes me smile every time I read it. Good for you for reading it too! I genuinely thought I was writing into the void and *NOBODY* would *EVER* see it- makes me smile just that much more to know someone did- AND it elicited a response!

Now that that's out of the way, if you're concerned with the content of the rant and wish to censor it, (SHAME ON YOU!!) why don't you go through and rewrite it to fit your tastes? I didn't write it for you, or for that matter, for an audience at all (as I was pretty clear about), but by all means, you're more than welcome to sift out the relevant points and construct some verbiage that's more to your tempered palate. I'll even promise to have a read-through when you're done- just be sure to tag me. 

Later F-word (it's not the F-word you're imagining, I promise!! This sign-off is a commentary on how destructive censorship is.) (Oh, & no, not high. I don't do drugs (except nicotine) or even drink)

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@Mustangman6799  i second this