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Ideas: Pandora Modes on more devices

Ideas: Pandora Modes on more devices

Status: Open Ideas

In my Pandora account, I changed most of the radio artists to 'Deep Cuts' mode- if I stream directly from the Pandora app (either on phone or computer), the songs that play reflect this change. However, if I stream through the Apple TV app or the Denon/HEOS, the songs that play do NOT reflect this change (they seem to play the normal Pandora playlist for each artist). I've tried logging out on both the AppleTV and HEOS Pandora apps, and no change. Any suggestions on how to get the 'Deep Cuts' mode to play on all devices I stream through? Thank you!

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Good luck with that.   Pandora customers have been requesting this feature on The Toku Pandora app for years.   

Pandora ignores us.

Sad but true.


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Good luck with that!

We've been requesting this feature to be added to the Roku TV Pandora app
for years. Pandora ignores us.
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It's not complicated, all devices have an input device to select things like this.

If you can search you can allows MODES. Deep Cuts, New Releases, crown Favorites.

Less than functionality advertised the product as lacking across platform. What if Google only allowed searches for most recent entries on web search? Or only entries based on your location? The uselessness is obvious.

its not like pandora had time to get this on the roadmap, in the backlog, sprint  or expand on the MVP.

likey they have devs that work in silos for each product/platform, and they don't have a common framework which the code relies on. That's somewhat expected across platforms but there is a common code set for all platforms, including Apple, Roku, Visio and all other app sets for smart devices. 

but then again, the devs they have can't even make a new line generate a capital letter on new line, JFC this was part of web code frameworks over 10 years ago.

its more likely they are cashing checks instead of updating what somewhat works. It's owned by Sirius so that explains much, the devs that were good likely cost too much and were eliminated. This isn't some built in firmware garbage like on a sirrusxm radio that has zero mouse style input. 

6.4milkikn subscribers at $5 a month. That's 32m revenue a month, 384m a year. I'd their ascap costs eat up all of that then they need to find better (((attorneys))) to negotiate better pay to play.


I mean it's written in java, how is this so f'ing hard?






Please make modes available on Alexa. Also, please diversify playlists instead of playing the same 20 songs over and over. 

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Please add the capability to select a Pandora Mode to the Android Auto interface

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Please make Modes available on the Roku Pandora app just as they are on my desktapp version of Pandora.

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Don't bother asking Pandora anything. They don't care about their listeners because they never respond.

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Pandora should upgrade the App on Roku to allow for the Listening mode available on the Android app


Yeah. Please add the Modes to Roku. Doesn't make much sense to NOT have them there. Modes is more or less an integral part of a station, and can significantly impact what plays on a station. No reason not to have it on Roku.

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+1 for Modes on Apple TV! I use pandora mostly through the Apple TV app and would love to have this feature there. 

Love you guys! pandora premium user since 2012 😉