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Ideas: Pandora Modes on more devices

Ideas: Pandora Modes on more devices

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In my Pandora account, I changed most of the radio artists to 'Deep Cuts' mode- if I stream directly from the Pandora app (either on phone or computer), the songs that play reflect this change. However, if I stream through the Apple TV app or the Denon/HEOS, the songs that play do NOT reflect this change (they seem to play the normal Pandora playlist for each artist). I've tried logging out on both the AppleTV and HEOS Pandora apps, and no change. Any suggestions on how to get the 'Deep Cuts' mode to play on all devices I stream through? Thank you!

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Please enable Deep Cuts through the Pandora-linked Yamaha MusicCast app.  Less preferred, please tell me how I can reduce the repetition rate on songs.

Thank you.  Jeff.

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I’d also like to see Pandora to enable play through through a pair of Echo speakers being used as a stereo pair. This is along the lines of what JTDODSON8 suggested. Spotify already has this feature and it works well. Thanks!

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I might be necroing this thread. But please make this a feature. I was trying to decide what company to go with, pandora, spotify, or amazon. Not having this feature knocks pandora clear out of the running.

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Modes on Alexa PLEASE!!!

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Station modes are really great, I love them and I'd really love to see them implemented on Alexa devices. 

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C'Mon guys,

Giving is the Modes on the ROKU and Directv apps is not a giant development.  We are paying to try to get some control of what we want to hear. 

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Please add listening mode options to the Pandora app on my iPhone, Apple CarPlay and via Amazon Alexa.  The standard mode is way too redundant and I like to hear new artists and other songs related to the station I play.  Why not do this?  I can’t see a reason. I don’t use my notebook / desktop computer to listen to music.  Thank you.

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Modes on Roku please!

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Would appreciate deep cuts, etc. available on the Yamaha Music Cast system.  Currently need to use the Pandora app on my phone and AirPlay to my Yamaha.  Sound quality doesn't seem as good as using the Music Cast directly.  THANK YOU


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Please make modes available for my TV app!!