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Ideas: Play music on launch - on/off toggle

Ideas: Play music on launch - on/off toggle

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I'm on premium. Anyway to open pandora without it starting music? sometimes i just want to open it and browse a bit before i select something. Seems to happen on every application (web/android/auto)

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I don't want the music to start playing right away when I open the app. Can you put an option in settings to turn it off. Countless of time I would open the app before I plug in my earbuds and there would be an explicit.

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Startup options generally are missing from Pandora. I agree that "play music on startup" should be one option.

Another option that would help with usability and even safety while using the app in a (legal) device while driving would be the ability to select which screen is opened on startup. In my case, having the "Stations" page open instead of the current "update" page would be very helpful. I pay for Premium, and I feel like I'm being forced to skip past ads, often at a very inconvenient moment.

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I sure hope this 14 month old basic issue gets addressed ever, because I certainly would like it if my internet radio app didn't autoplay like some kid's tumblr page

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I came to this forum to find a solution to the "auto play on launch" problem, but all I found instead is a company that ignores its best customers for years on end with false hope and never addressing this issue. This makes me believe there is some money motive behind the design, and if there are any pandora execs reading this, I'm going to give you some unsolicited advice:  listen to your customers and design around their best interest, or else they will not remain customers and your whole idea to maximize profit margins by keeping a feature that your customers don't want is easily perceived by a customer as a company that does not have their back, so why do business here. I'm going to migrate to another provider. If you ever decide to get off your asses and fix this let me know. 

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This, so much. I'm on a free trial right now. This is a show stopper that will keep me from ever paying for a subscription. 

No auto-play when opening the app! 

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My Google Pixel 3 does not have that setting under advanced options. Where would I find it? This is an utterly maddening "feature"

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Hi there, @rbrown999. 👋

I moved your post over to this existing feature request: Play music on launch - on/off switch

Our engineering team is aware of this request. Please upvote this idea by clicking on the 💙icon next to the title of this request.

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It’s baffling to me that the expected behavior for the mobile app is to start blaring whatever I was last listening to, as soon as it opens.

What's even more nonsensical is that it does this even when music was paused before closing!

I guess the Pandora developers don’t have an open-plan office? Or maybe they just don't use their own app?

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186 upvotes still not implemented, do you jobs!

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Why hasn't Pandora fixed this yet!?Please make an option available to stop music from playing when app is launched. There's no reason the music has to start when you open the app. Thank you Pandora team!