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Ideas: Playback end of year stats

Ideas: Playback end of year stats

Status: Open Ideas

Can we please get a wrapped feature like spotify? Such a cool feature almost makes it worth making the switch

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Not having this feature is going to cause me to switch to Spotify. I sure hope they come to their senses and bring this playback feature back.

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well I've officially made the change. My family plan subscription ends 12/12 and my playlists have been switched over. I'm excited to participate in the fun lmao

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Should I really have to be on here asking for such a rudimentary feature? Every other streaming platform has this feature, and you did it in years past. Feels like a slap in the face when you have something like that that you look forward to and then you guys just decide to not come out with it this year.


Extremely disappointed this feature is no longer being offered. I look forward to these stats every year and can't join in on the fun with my friends who use other services. Bring it back!


Like I posted on the other thread, it's pretty crappy to take this feature away. Been a user since the start and really enjoyed when Pandora started doing the end of year recap. Hopefully they will see how many people want it and bring it back before the end of this year. Whoever was in charge of taking this away is really bad at their job.

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This is devastating. Switching for the new year. I looked forward to this all year, other streaming services are so much better put together and more attractive every year.


Bring this feature back!

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This is pretty unfortunate. I was looking forward to seeing my stats this year. Looks like Spotify will be getting my spins for 2023 if this doesn't get fixed.

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Please bring back the listening stats. Also. My likes on the community page say different numbers. One says my playlists are at over 3200 songs. The other says 2200?

Opening Act

This feature needs to come back. I've been paying for the family plan for years, but hearing that the end of year recap has been removed without any announcement or reasons given why (let alone any that would make sense), has me ready to fully switch to Spotify.