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Ideas: Premium/Plus on Apple TV

Ideas: Premium/Plus on Apple TV

Status: Open Ideas

As a Pandora Premium subscriber, it is really frustrating that your Apple TV app has such limited capabilities. I am unable to access playlists, individual songs, etc. 

I understand I can airplay from my phone, but that just does not work nearly as well as being able to play directly from the app.  

Would appreciate if you could add some of this basic functionality to your Apple TV app to be comparable with your competitors.


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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Glad to see your feature request here @bfrazier5! Thanks for posting!

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I came here to post this.   Cosign!

I get full Premium on the Sony Smart TV and the Xbox, but no AppleTV?  Are there plans to add the full Premium functionality to AppleTV?

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I too would love to ability to replay/repeat a song on AppleTV. I hate having to switch between applications to hear a song again. Offering the same functionality that is offered in the app for iPhone would be amazing. I use Pandora because Spotify doesn't have an AppleTV app. 

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I love your app and I pay for premium service, but the lack of functionality is very disappointing. I hope that you are considering changing this very soon. 

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When are you planning on adding the ability to play playlist (that I have added from Itunes) on an AppleTV. I have the latest AppleTV generation. What is the plan / strategy? BTW I have the premium service and do not wish to use chromecast or airplay to do this. I don't wish to move to Amazon to get this functionality.


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Looking for this change ASAP... I can imagine the number of people wanting this is MUCH greater than those taking the time to post here.  

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Second and third! Need to have playlists and other basic features on Apple TV 🤨

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same here and additional memory so that playlists are not compromised like they are on Samsung etc. Given Apple TV has a good amount of memory this shouldn't be difficult

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I have Pandora Premium and an Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone. when will the same rewind/replay functionality be available on Apple TV?

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My top priorities would be:

1. Access to albums and playlists

2. Previous track