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Ideas: Queue next track regardless of playlist or station currently playing

Ideas: Queue next track regardless of playlist or station currently playing

Status: Open Ideas

Update queue feature so music that is queued will play next regardless of what station or playlist is playing. Basically allow queued music to interrupt a stations playlist.

Example: I'm listened to the "Summer Hits of the 2000s" station and I want to play "wake me up" by Avicii next after the current song that is playing from the "Summer Hits of the 2000's" is over. I add it to my queue. What I expect is for Avicii's song to play next but it doesn't; the station continues to play its playlist without adding my queued song. And it would be great if it would play my queued song instead and then continue with the stations music. 


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Please please fix this problem, Pandora. You do stations really well except for this one infuriating problem.


While you listen to your station on Pandora you notice a button that says song request that means everytime you hit that button on the song that  you are listening to it will load that song to the quee!

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This bug might make me move back to Spotify, I kid you not.

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I completely agree. This is not intuitive - I’m here because I thought it was a bug and started googling the problem. I primarily use pandora to listen to radio stations, but often want to mix in specific songs and then letting the radio take over again when that’s done. I’ve been testing the trial of Pandora as a potential replacement for Spotify, but this would be a dealbreaker given how easy Spotify makes this process. 

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I agree!! I would love my music in the queue to play next like it says. 

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Upvoted. Has there been any progress with this? Is this something that's going to get fixed?

Diamond in the Rough


I think adding a song to the queue should have two options: (1) Add to queue (adds to the bottom of the queue), and (2) Play next (adds at the top of the queue).  When listening to a Station, the entire queue should be the songs that play next, and when the queue is exhausted, the Station should resume playing.

I think that establishing a proper queue function is necessary for the Shuffle Playlist issue to be resolved as well. The shuffle feature just continues to randomly sample an entire playlist, rather than playing each song once, in a random order.  With a proper Queue function, pressing the Shuffle button on a playlist would add the playlist to the queue in a random order, and it would then inherently play every song once and only once.

The potential downfall with a 'proper' queue, which is what irritated me to no end about other streaming apps, is how easy it was to completely delete your queue. If a queue is established, at no time should a single 'click' erase that queue and replace it with a single song you just clicked on. The options should always be "Play Next" or "Add to Queue". Only an instruction to "Clear queue" should clear the queue. When clicking Play on an entire Playlist or Album, a reasonable third option might be "Replace queue".

Finally, and this should go without saying, but it apparently has to be said - this functionality should be identical across all platforms. Currently, there isn't any queue function on the Desktop app at all.

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Great suggestion. When I am listening to a station and I queue a song or album to play next, the station continues to play (forever?), and the queue becomes moot. The queue should always come first. After the queue is exhausted, it would be great to continue playing the station or just auto-play related music.


I agree. There does need to be an "add to queue" function. What it has it doesn't work 

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I agree 100 percent. What in the world is the queue for if not for that????

I would really love to hear the reasoning behind the way it works (doesn’t work) currently.