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Ideas: RSS feed podcasts

Ideas: RSS feed podcasts

Status: Open Ideas

Hi there,

subscribe to the Comedy Bang Bang World Series of podcasts which is only available on separate RSS feeds from standard, non-subscription podcasts. On other podcasting apps such as Spotify and Google Podcasts, podcast listeners (not creators!) can add RSS feed links to access premium content that they pay for in addition to their podcast app subscription.

The lack of this function through Pandora may be keeping many people away from Pandora or making them leave for Spotify as a place where they can listen to both music and externally-subscribed podcasts. I highly recommend (and plead) that you add this feature as soon as possible. Again, that’s the feature for standard Pandora subscribers to add RSS feeds to their apps via their apps despite not being the creators of that content (because they pay for access to those links). Pandora’s subscription service is on the highest end in terms of cost, so subscribers should get what we pay for (ideally something like Spotify, but less evil).

Thank you in advance.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @Jasette! Thanks for posting your feedback.

Personally, as someone who also listens to Podcast a lot, I agree that this would be a great feature to add for Podcast listeners!

Thanks for taking the time to visit community. Hope to see you around more!