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Ideas: Remove or block followers

Ideas: Remove or block followers

Status: Open Ideas

When you allow the public to see your profile anyone can follow you. Ther is not a feature to control who can see your music, who else is following you or who you are following. Zero privacy.

Why this might matter to listeners:

Your ex or ex's for that matter, will always be able to see your music stations you create with a new partner and vice versa. Have access to their profile and song lists and more. For those of us who wish to keep things private pandora currently only offers two options  everyone sees everything or no one gets to see anything. Yep! Crazy right? Wake up pandora we users do not like this. Your competitor (spotify) already offers the ability to block a follower. Better join the year 2020 becuase I am ready to cancel my subscription over this. 


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Thanks for the feedback @tzmndvl 👍


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Local Performer

Please fix this. I don't like having the fake accounts of stalkers permanently following my Pandora account (which is now private).

Being able to block followers isn't even necessary if one's account is private; make it possible to remove them one by one or delete the whole follower list at once.

Local Performer

Remove/or Block follower those features should be added.

Local Performer

My crazy ex is still following me! I need to be able to delete her!

Not applicable

I have followers and people I am following however I have had my account for 10 years and my privacy needs are different now. I have had my account on private for years and I would like the option to remove all followers as well as stop following all. 

Local Performer

Most of my followers are friends of my ex. If I cannot control the privacy of my account, I will use other apps for my needs that do allow me to control it. 
Do better, Pandora.


Strongly considering moving to Spotify

Local Performer

How do I remove someone from following me? I have one. My psycho stalker ex. I can't find him or see who follows but I know it's him cuz I've seen it from his phone. 

Local Performer

Really wish I could remove certain followers. Please make this option available for your customers! Thanks! 

Local Performer

How do I delete followers from my Pandora account? This is ridiculous