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Ideas: Remove "Gender" listing

Ideas: Remove "Gender" listing

Status: Open Ideas

I object to being listed as having a gender. And no, I am not "non-binary." I don't have a gender, period, and I don't want to be shown as having a gender; I find that offensive. If you include an option for sex (male or female) I'll tell you which of those I am, but I don't have any gender and I don't want to be listed as having one.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @embram 

Welcome to the community Ideas Board.

While it's not possible to remove a gender option from your account at this time, we appreciate your feedback. We're always looking to improve and feedback like yours helps with that. Your post status has been updated to Open Ideas.

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Local Performer

First time commenter here and I’m happy to be doing so on this particular subject.

 I could not agree more with the original comment!

I believe a disappointing amount of people on this god forsaken planet have developed prejudices towards others due in large part to society’s propensity to gather the answers to questions used to  describe or narrow down a person’s “type”.

Information gathered about an individual in the process of signing up with or for a group or program shouldn’t go beyond what’s necessary to collect money for a service. It shouldn’t be illegal  to collect descriptive information during an onboarding process. It’s useless for any purpose other than as a tool for development of sources of additional revenue or to  “label” an  individual.

I’m a big not fan of personal information gathering by organizations so I go above and beyond to fill those databases with as much garbage as is humanly possible. As far as I’m concerned, I believe it should just not be gathered.  Whenever I find that it is nowadays, I fill in the “boxes” with utter lies and misinformation about myself, especially when I’m in front of someone who is obviously able to and will likely, instantly, conduct a fact check.

On the Rise

I honestly had no idea this even existed. spent some time tonight and found it though. Upon review I saw this statement: We use your birth year, postal code and gender to personalize your experience on Pandora. 
Given that explanation I can see how there would be oh so slight changes in the algorithms choices on radio stations if no or few likes or seeds are selected. If I had to guess non binary would remove those changes for the gender portion at least. I understand that this doesn't represent you as someone without a gender but if I'm correct (and maybe Pandora can help explain) and it would have the same impact as an option without a gender; then maybe selecting the non binary option could be good enough.

As someone whos been around the community for a little while I've seen several ideas hit the cutting room floor; even some that are quite popular. I fear that the number of people who don't fit into the female, male, or non binary option to be comparatively small. As such, I'd fear that this may limit the likelihood of implementation. While not ideal it may be worth selecting the option that is closest to representing you; and enjoy the music. 

Now it's hateful to describe one as a male or female, how ridiculous. When we are born we are either male or female. Nothing changes that fact until one decides to change their own gender much later in life. I want to be described as a male, just as I was born to be.