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Ideas: Resume playback on playlists when last paused

Ideas: Resume playback on playlists when last paused

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When I ask to play a playlist Pandora  plays songs in the same order starting with the same first song.  All I hear each time are the same 3-4 songs.  

Feature Request: For Premium members pause play playlist at current song and then continue play list at the next song in the playlist where it was paused.  

Feature request:  Be able to mark a playlist as "Auto Shuffle play mode" - When selected to play a marked "Auto Shuffle" playlist has Pandora Shuffle the playlist.  This prevents hearing the same songs in the same order when the playlist is selected.

Thank you.

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Hi @martytool!

Thanks for posting your feedback! We're always looking to improve.

I see that you have two separate ideas in your message. It's best to separate these into two separate posts.

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