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Ideas: Setting to Stop Offline Mode

Ideas: Setting to Stop Offline Mode

Status: Open Ideas

I realize your reason for offline mode to save data, but as someone who has unlimited data, it is a true hassle to switch back to online mode and takes more time than I'd like it to. Is it possible to bury an option deep within the settings to disable offline mode completely? I'm really happy with Premium BUT offline mode so much annoying than I'd like it to be. 

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Open Ideas

More control over offline mode would be great. I do not have unlimited data and would love if I had the option to control when Pandora automatically switches to offline mode. Options could be when cell and wifi are unavailable, when wifi is unavailable (so it won't use cell data), or never switch automatically  

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I agree with admsteck there needs to be a way to disable Offline Mode so that it doesn't automatically start. I live in a rural area, well according to cell service, and when I'm driving I am constantly having to stop Pandora and then restart it so that I can get back to online because despite what it is supposed to be doing, I can't seem to get to the Offline toggle very easily. It is easier to force stop Pandora and then restart it, however doing any of this is very dangerous when driving and for some reason I only have one station that is played in Offline Mode, although it says 4, and it only plays the same 5 songs and it's awful. I quit Pandora 6 months ago, partly because of this but decided to try it again to see if there was any improvement. When I left Pandora, I complained about this and some other things. I was hoping for the things to have been fixed by now.


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" love if I had the option to control when Pandora automatically switches to offline mode. Options could be when cell and wifi are unavailable, when wifi is unavailable (so it won't use cell data), or never switch automatically "

THIS THIS THIS! I pay per GB of mobile data, so there needs to be granular switching logic for offline mode. 

You should be able to have it auto switch to offline mode for mobile data, then auto refresh when back on WiFi.  Having to manually switch it back and forth every drive is ridiculous.  I might as well pay for an in car radio subscription service instead.


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  • I cannot stand offline mode! If I go in a dead zone I don't want it to skip to a completely different station. Most of the time if you wait two or three seconds it'll come back. I can't keep looking at my phone to switch the station back.
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Is there a way to make Pandora so it doesn't turn on the downloaded autoplay just because I momentarily go out of signal? It is beyond frustrating and to be honest if I don't see a change to this soon I'm going to unsubscribe from my monthly membership! I already sub to Spotify. (Yes I have both and pay for their own reasons the other doesn't have)

I work way out in the hills. I have all kinds of genres I love to build playlists for, and often I get in a mood for one of them. But I'm in an area where one minute I might have signal and the next I'm out of signal again. My God how many times I've found myself cussing out pandora because it starts playing a downloaded genre I'm not in the mood for, that I have to keep going back and changing to what I want it to play.

It's okay guys, I can go a minute or two or three or whatever til I find myself back in signal. It's like you guys are scared if I'm not having something else shoved on me I'm going to get bored and unsub from Pandora. No, what's making me want to unsub is this highly frustrating feature I can't find a place to turn off!

I'll be wanting Salsa, or Bluegrass one night, or maybe some 1920s and 30s New Orleans and Speak Easy type Jazz but no, "We lost signal? Oh no! Hey, you want Reggae? You have a playlist for it? Doesn't that mean you'd rather have some Reggae shoved down your ears right this moment? WE KNOW YOU DONT HAVE ANY MUSIC THIS MINUTE IN YOUR EXISTENCE, YOU WANT SOME REGGAE? HERE, LISTEN TO SOME REGGAE. You can change it back to what you what in another minute and do this 100 times as you try to enjoy your job and run equipment!"

I equate it to going out for Brazilian food. But the waiters notice I'm out of food and start bringing pizza to the table and shoving it down my face because the next batch of food has five minutes to finish cooking. "We know you've eaten pizza before! Here have some pizza you probably want it right now while you don't have anything in front of you!"

Dammit guys it's okay! I'll wait for what I was in the mood for and I'll live without some genre I wasn't wanting obnoxiously turning itself back on because I happen to go out of signal for the twentieth time in a half hour. It's much worse since my job requires me to run heavy equipment because I can't stop to change it back, and even if I was at a desk job this would still irritate the life out of me.

So please guys, change this feature so we at least have the option to turn it off or I'm done with this service because I'm not going to pay 10 a month for something that behaves so obnoxiously like this and that I can't at least have the option to turn off! Thanks!

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Appreciate the comments guys! This isn't an empty threat but I'm gonna go ahead and unsub as I just went through it again last night trying to enjoy my last night of this week at work. I came here and saw all your comments! So glad I'm not the only one.


Anyways though I'm gonna go ahead and vote with my feet. When they want to fix this exceptionally annoying and frustrating issue for us maybe I'll come back. Till then I guess I'll just be on Spotify.

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I just finally switched to an unlimited data plan and was super excited that I could listen to anything I wanted, whenever I wanted, but no, Pandora has apparently decided that I need saving from myself. Given the popularity of unlimited data plans these days, shouldn’t there be an option to disable this feature?