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Ideas: Sleep Timer improvements - longer timer, fade, convenient access

Ideas: Sleep Timer improvements - longer timer, fade, convenient access

Status: Open Ideas

Add at least a 90 minute option, 120 would be even better, both would be Great...

Just a suggestion 🤘

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Easier access to sleep timer and with more options such as volume fade, ability to set a schedule, and longer timers (90 min, etc.)

It's currently very annoying to navigate to the sleep timer and if that doesn't change there should at least be a widget or a shortcut I can add to the homescreen. I've been subscribed to Pandora for many years and I use this app every night. Please work on this! Thank you to the other users who made requests for features like this in the past, hope we get an update someday 🙂 

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the sleep timer is way to hard to get to. Make it easier to find. It is the only thing that you aren’t doing right!  I love your chill station. ❤️ It gave me the confidence to make this demand. 


Big +1 to making the sleep timer easy to access from the currently playing song, and to have options to sleep after a certain number of songs.

I use the sleep time to sleep pretty often, and it’s jarring to have the song suddenly cut off at an arbitrary 15 minute interval.

It’d be great to be able to say “sleep after 5 songs”. Optionally great if it could support sleep after the same song on loop X times, because I loop songs to sleep sometimes :).

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Please move Sleep Timer Button to currently playing music screen and its Android notification, why is it buried deep in settings? So cumbersome to dig it out every time like a caveman! Please pass it on to the developers to include it in the next update. Thanks.
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I often have difficulty falling asleep and use the sleep timer on my iPhone Pandora app. 60 minutes is often not enough time. Please consider adding a 90 minute option to the sleep timer. 

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Please add additional time increments for the sleep timer; such as 90 and 120 minutes.  60 minutes is too short.  Thank you

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+1 please. 60 min is a joke

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I would love to see two features added to the Sleep timer.

The first one would be the ability to choose how long until the music turns off 5 min, 7 min, 27 min, etc.

I would also love to see a features where music would stop playing after a song is done on a radio, album, etc.